Heart (8 inches)
Heart (8 inches)

Heart (8 inches)

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Large heart brownie, approx 8 inches - £12

Please choose from the flavour options (hearts can have 1 or 2 flavours but must be either all brownie/all blondie. Cannot do half brownie/half blondie).

A lot of flavours aren’t gluten free, such as the biscuity ones. By choosing a gluten free base but gluten toppings you are confirming you are aware and OK with that.  

Personalised stamped messages can be included, please keep below 4 words.


Eggs, wheat, nut traces and dairy.
All our brownies can be made gluten free, please select this option if required.

Shelf life
Brownies are best stored in the fridge to keep them extra fudgey and will easily last 2 weeks. Just remove half an hour before eating to bring up to room temp and enjoy at their best

They can also be frozen and will last 3 months if frozen.

I will contact you within the next 7 days about collecting your order unless you have specified a certain date. If so, please message me the day before about collection. Collection is always from mid day, I cannot do before as I have stockists to sort out first thing most days so if you need your order earlier please collect the day before.